Unpaid internship: slavery or opportunity?

Discussion in 'General Design Talk' started by sketchforsketch, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Its seems to be more commonplace these days, that design companies are reluctant to pay their fellow intern. With opportunities few and far between, most interns are now more willing, to jump through hoops in order to secure that vital placement. One of these hoops and most likely the largest one is “the work for free hoop”, that’s often used. What compels the intern to work unpaid for six months? Is their work worthless? No, It’s that tiny possibility the intern may be offered the job and then become part of that design team. To get his/hers foot in the door or on that slippery rung of the design ladder.

    Now, what happens when the design company is unscrupulous and the internship on offer a fake? A revolving door to free labour, that allows the company to use and abuse at will. What then? Does the intern come crashing back to earth, only to arrive at the same spot six months later? Unpaid internship: slavery or opportunity? Have your say.

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