Talent Brewing at The Malthouse

Discussion in 'General Design Talk' started by Gameface, Mar 10, 2012.

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    Design isn\'t something I think that gets much coverage in Ireland. Many believe the Irish don;t understand or do design. That the closest we get to design is with our crafts. The reality is every year we churn out loads of talented Irish designers who are then more often than not faced with moving abroad to make their dreams a reality, for those who stay and want to make it in the design world, well a lucky few make it into the few Industrial design companies we have which are mainly based in Dublin, for others we end up working as what many in Industrial Design call cad jockey\'s....but for some they want to be able to express themselves like we did in college...setup your own design company. This is a dream for many but its a bold risk which some aren\'t prepared to take but for those who do and succeed...well they are living the dream...in today\'s Irish times we have one of those rare bits off coverage on Irish Design. They have an article on The Malthouse, \"situated on the grounds of a former whiskey distillery in a rundown part of Dublin\'s North Circular road, is a design hub founded by architect Arthur Duff and one half of furniture company Duff Tisdall, best known for its classic contemporary range made using specimen and native woods.He has housed a baker’s dozen of up-and-coming designers and design-related practices in the industrial space. Each gets a work area and space within the gallery to showcase their work.\"....for the rest of article go to http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/mag ... 75374.html

    This isn\'t the only type of this project out there in Ireland but its great to see its getting some coverage...

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