Solidworks World 2012 Presentations

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    Its that time of year again, the latest presentations from this years Solidworks World are now up on their site. For those who are unaware Solidworks World is held at the start of every year in a different city across America. This year its was in San Diego on the weekend of February 14th (3rd or 4th time its been here). It a place were Solidworks users can go and meet other users, meet the people behind Solidworks and of course pick up lots of tip and tricks from the various presentations. Every year the users who would be considered experts are given a slot in which to present a topic. It is also used as the first place that people hear what will be coming out in the following years version.
    Anyway the site has links to all the presentations from the last number off years, and this year has the added bonus off having video recording off the presentations taking place. Most presentations have a powerpoint presentation show that you can down load plus all the parts which were used in the presentation which can be very interesting. Its a site I use a lot and have learned loads from over the years. I\'ll put up the names off some off my fav presentations over the next few days plus some the presentations I think are a must to see.

    Solidworks World 2012 Presentations

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