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    The Telegraph interviews Jonathan Ives about his design style and process.
    \"Design is a word that\'s come to mean so much that it\'s also a word that has come to mean nothing. We don\'t really talk about design, we talk about developing ideas and making products,\" says Jonathan Ive, the London-born head of design for Apple.

    \"Designing and developing anything of consequence is incredibly challenging,\" says Ive. \"Our goal is to try to bring a calm and simplicity to what are incredibly complex problems so that you\'re not aware really of the solution, you\'re not aware of how hard the problem was that was eventually solved.\"

    \"Simplicity is not the absence of clutter, that\'s a consequence of simplicity. Simplicity is somehow essentially describing the purpose and place of an object and product. The absence of clutter is just a clutter-free product. That\'s not simple.

    \"The quest for simplicity has to pervade every part of the process. It really is fundamental.\"

    The process

    \"If you step back and you think about it in a very objective way, it is a remarkable thing that as we sit here right now, there\'s not an idea. It just does not exist.
    \"And you can have this barely formed thought and then suddenly something does actually exist. Then that thought that is so tentative and so fragile normally becomes a tentative discussion and you\'re trying to bring body to the thought with words. Generally what happens is that\'s a conversation between a couple of people and is exclusive.
    \"And then you start to draw to try to describe and develop this fragile idea. Then a remarkable thing happens at the time you make the first object, the time that you actually give form and dimension to the idea. In the whole process, that\'s the one point where the transition is the most dramatic and suddenly you can involve multiple people. It brings focus and it can galvanise a group of people, which is enormously powerful.\"

    Ive says that knowing when to call a halt to a project is \"an important part of my job\".
    There is within Apple a strong belief in people focusing on their area of expertise, says Ive, but when a product is being developed the process can be quite fluid. He says: \"As we\'re sitting together to develop a product you would struggle to identify who the electrical engineer was, who\'s the mechanical engineer, who\'s the industrial designer.\"
    Teamwork is an important part of the process. \"One of the things that is particularly precious about working at Apple is that many of us on the design team have worked together for 15-plus years and there\'s a wonderful thing about learning as a group. A fundamental part of that is making mistakes together. There\'s no learning without trying lots of ideas and failing lots of times.\"
    The last year has been one of significant change for Apple. A new chief executive, Tim Cook, took over just months before the death of Steve Jobs, the former chief executive and co-founder of the company. The absence of Jobs has led some analysts to predict an inevitable decline for the company.
    As you would expect, Ive disagrees: \"We\'re developing products in exactly the same way that we were two years ago, five years ago, ten years ago. It\'s not that there are a few of us working in the same way: there is a large group of us working in the same way.\"
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    Before I start reading the interview let me say that I heard earlier today that this is an interview thats a must read for all designers...looking forward to reading it.. :cool:
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    gud read

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