Recently-Discovered ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Can Eat Plastic

Discussion in 'Mechanical Engineering' started by Gameface, Jun 6, 2012.

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    This could have a big impact on the design world. For link to article to to One off the big draw backs to using plastic in a product is the waste it generate.If we now have something which breaks it down then happy days for the envoirement. Question is how do these mushrooms break them down? How many would be needed? Do you just plan them seeds in a landfill? Woud it grow all year round. Would it grow in the western world or would we have to construct like special green houses? What will these mushrooms emitt when they breakdown the plastic? Would it be bad for the world? I know they say that they have managed to isolate the enzines that break down the plastic but how will this be applied? Would it be a spray? Would this be safe for humans or other animals/creatures in the area?
    Lots off questions, some off them might be silly but will be interesting to see how it works out.
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    Wow they surely are magical. Good news all right, but you know does it only work for polyurethane? What about other plastic types. Does this mean we will be dumping our plastic waste in a field in Co. Monaghan right beside Co. Cavan. :=D :=D
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    Will get my load ready lol. Cool

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