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Discussion in 'Medical Design' started by Boxty, May 12, 2012.

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    Seen on the news there was a conference today in Galway I think discussing the issues around medical products such as metal hip replacement parts, it was suggested that these products may need to go through a testing period similar to medical drugs, how would this impact on the medical design community in Ireland? Could this lead to a loss off jobs if it went through?
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    Just wondering would a testing period, consist of human trials or mechanic ( indurance testing). Like in cars only example I could think of. Lol
    Interesting area, hope no jobs lost .
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    Aside from long term stress testing, it seems like implants that do not involve chemicals or electronics would mostly need to be evaluated for foreign body reaction issues, and that could be evaluated fairly quickly - particularly for well known materials like titanium or silicone. I wonder if it really makes sense to apply the same longevity of testing type requirements as for Rx, which can have much more unpredictable reactions.

    Of course, to me, when it comes to any of this, where larger environmental concerns are not an issue (like with, say, hormonal birth control) it is best to say to the consumer "this is what we know now," clearly and fully, and let the consumer decide if the reward is worth the risks - known and unknown. It reduces time to market, increases consumer choices, allows a more open market as smaller companies can get their feet in the door, and places the choice more fully in the hands of those who should have it - the end users.

    In fact, it can typically be found that when pushes for more restrictions like this occur, it is the established mfgs that are behind the big push - Creating barriers to entry for alternatives through legislation.

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