Irish Inventor comes up with mouthguard to track traumatic sports injuries

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    A young Irish Inventor Mark Dillon has come up with a mouth guard (gum shield) which can let the team management/doctors know that the player has suffered what can be described as an "invisible" serious injury. The one that comes to mind is concussions which have had a lot of highlights in the last year especially in American football, but also here in Ireland on both Gaelic and Rugby fields.
    This is something I have (unfortunately) encountered first hand, I've actually received 4 major concussions in the last 4 years, 3 which have been in the last 2, not to add on one I received at 18, all from playing Gaelic football. And yes before anyone says sure it’s only concussions, there is serious short term and long-term effects associated with this injury, I have had to deal with the effects which have not been nice for the last 18 months. Just a small insight for you, the first few had no major implications bar miss a few games, but a real bad one last year left me still suffering pressure issues and headaches for 14 months, it had only cleared up when I received another concussion about 2 months ago, and the issues resurfaced. Part of the reason I think this is so great is often you yourself don’t even know you are concussed. First time it happened I hadn’t a clue what was going on or where I was, was I actually dream, it was quite a scary experience. Next time I know what was happening but some of the one’s since I didn’t realise until after the game it had happened when it dawned on me I can’t remember most of the last 5 minutes or there’s black areas in my memory. As for those who say surly the coach or doctor/physio would surely know your concussed. Sometimes its not so easy to be sure, especially if you’ve not had experience of seeing someone in that state, other times the player and do enough to convince you their OK but not really realise there’s something wrong. Take a look at this video from half time in an Aussie Rules match, the player had left the field to recieve treatment but was given the all clear to return. Short term effects, if you come back to early and get concussed again you can cause serious brain swelling and in rare cases result in death. The long term effects in sports such as rugby or American football can be scary, there’s issues with former American footballers having serious mental problems and depression. For this I believe this invention is a standout idea as it will give imediate correct feedback and get give a chance to get the player off the field.
    Here's a link to an article on this invention called Mamori which gives a low down on how it works. Just to note, its also in for the James Dyson Award this year.
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