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Discussion in 'Design Education' started by Gameface, Apr 22, 2013.

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    As design students do we need to receive more engineering type training as part of our courses in ID in Ireland? Yes I know when we were in college we did materials (learning about materials and mould design in theory), and we had workshop, but is it enough? Should we be doing the likes of physics or maths more? I ask because I'm here sitting at my desk this morning comparing the different material Composition of a mould part to see how a proposed costing compares to our existing. Some of this is a bit over my head. The argument can be made that what I do is mould design and is different to what ID is but is enough of the learning beyond producing pretty pictures been done, such as seeing does a student understand can his/her idea actually be made and what is the benefit over using one material over another in the different parts of the product. Given that we are living in times where cost saving is becoming even more important and trying to make the most efficient product should we be sending students out to the engineering world as part of their course, say 3 months etc?

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