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Discussion in 'Medical Design' started by Gameface, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Hey folks, anyone out there in the field of medical design? I think its a cool area for a designer to work in but it seems hard to get into. I know there\'s a masters 1 year course on in NCAD i think, a mate of mine did it but would you need to do something like that to get into the industry or is a stand design degree enough. I applied a few years ago to some jobs but never got near the interview stage, would be interesting to hear how you get your foot in the door.
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    Hi Gameface,

    Looking at places like Shapeways, Kraftwurx, Ponoo, etc, I see a lot of products that people can print from medical grade materials for dentistry, etc. When I was in my bioengineering courses, we were encouraged to find ways to build our own devices for testing and even implementation from things as varied as titanium and the strips used for pregnancy tests to implantable mixes of algae. While I cannot say what you need to break into the industry using traditional means, I think there is a lot of room out there for people looking at the situation creatively to create their own design and production options. Also, you might contact people in the field and see if doing something like getting a portfolio of related work out there could bridge the education gap if more degrees are usually required. If so, you might try posting to places like GrabCad and the aforementioned sites to make a name for yourself and garner some hands on experience in the area of medical device design.


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