Dublin Innovation 2012 Date Announced

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    As the title says the dates have been released for Dublin Innovation festival. The festival will run from Monday 15th October 2012 to Friday 26th October.

    This is what it says on the website

    \"That’s 12 days of talks, demonstrations, events and activities showcasing the best of Dublin innovation!
    The “Call for Events” is now open. We’re asking anyone who is interested in getting involved in this year’s festival to get in touch with us at / Tel: 222 0100.
    The goal is to raise public awareness of the innovation and creativity that is happening in Dublin, to inspire and stimulate innovation and creativity and to encourage networking opportunities.
    This year Innovation Dublin will also support Dublin City of Science 2012 and the festival will focus on science in the city.
    All activities are welcomed - seminars, workshops, discussions, tours, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, masterclasses, bootcamps, debates, performances and competitions - on all kinds of topics related to innovation and creativity.
    We are also interested in promoting events appropriate to Innovation Dublin not just in October but throughout the year, so contact us at () and we will promote it through our website and social media.\"

    For the link click Dublin Innovation Festival Details

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