Debranding the cigarette package

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    An Australian court plans to ban the branding of cigarette packages. The aim of this new law is to reduce the thousands of smoking related deaths that costs the Australian taxpayer 32billion each year. Cigarette companies will no longer be able to show their iconic brand image and colours, instead they are being forced to use a standard off putting package design. From December the 1st the new laws come into effect and all cigarette packages will look the same. The new designs use a distasteful olive coloured box, which has a large visible graphic warning, this combined with a disturbing image that relates to the smoking of cigarettes. (blindness, mouth cancer, sick children). The cigarette name itself will be presented in a tiny standard font style . However, the tobacco companies are claiming, the new rules are unconstitutional because they have effectively destroyed the companies\' intellectual property (I.P) rights, the court claims it is not in breach of this. Cigarette companies will more than likely band together and challenge these new laws.

    So guys what do you think of that? Surely everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health at this stage….no? Is this a step in the right direction? Or maybe a government overstepping the mark? Should governments meddle with a companies brand image and affairs, who’s next Coke a cola, Mc Donalds or the alcohol beverage crowd maybe….. Will it put people off smoking what do you think ?

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