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How a ship can capture your interest and imagination


Titanic my thoughts, it’s funny how a ship can capture your interest and imagination. A Look into the construction and events that led up to or didn’t help in the disaster. Some of the points you have to understand are that it's easy to judge the disaster in the perception of a 21st century person. The fact of the matter is technology and manufacturing processes were different or more limited in scope as it is today. Titanic’s hull designed with a double bottom flat hull which gave greater space and more stability. The outer hull was constructed by riveting the steel plates together which is ok until rivets fail which would compromise the strength of the section. It was initially thought that the iceberg had cut a hole in the side of the ship, but further research shows that it had actually caused the hull to buckle in multiple places allowing water to enter between steel plates. Analysis of the plating from the titanic wreck found that it lost elasticity and became brittle in the icy water. (Including another factor may be the rivets containing impurities compared to the standard of iron/steel today.)The construction of the rudder (size) might also had an effect on the turning arc of the ship due to the ships size and displacement. Also which the engines stop and then put into reveres would limit the manoeuvring time.



The ships engine design was of treble screw layout, this consisted of two reciprocating steam engines and a centrally turbine (not able to reverse). To avoid the collision the engine room was order to reverse which only would increase the turning arc. Some believe that if she hit head on she might have been saved because of the increased strength of the bow, it's hard to say I wasn't there. Another miss calculation was the single pump design which wasn't able to cope with the rate of flooding which could have been as great a 6/10 times the amount the pump system deals with.


Titanic’s hull was split into sixteen water tight compartments, which have doors that could be closed from the bridge or automatically if the water reached a certain level. On paper this meant the ship would remain afloat if any two compartments or the first 4. When the water reached boiler room 5 they were at the point of no return, basically the water tight bulkheads were not built high enough the increased weight of the water pulling the bow down raised the water line letting water fall over the water tight compartment.(water tight compartment were not airtight like in a submarine).


Also the fire that had raged in the cool bunker may have weakened the bulk heads somewhat giving way under the pressure of water.The pressure on the hull from the weight of the water causing the hull to bend and compress the lower decks and parting the upper allow water in apparently now research has shown that the double bottom at the keel plate was last to give way. The new theory on the split is that it happened at a much shallower angle about 11 degrees compared 30 degrees in the film. Everyone knows about the lack of lifeboats, it actually had more lifeboats than regulations needed at the time. (Sure the titanic is its own life boat). This as we know was a major mistake cause even if they were filled to capacity there was only room for 2/3 of the persons on board.

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