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on Friday, 19 October 2012 in Design

Ten Years Ago (How time flies)


This day ten years ago I was about 6 weeks (there or there abouts) into a new life, I had started the Industrial Design course in IT Sligo and truth be told I hadn’t a clue what I was at. I was probably like a few others in my course, I didn’t really know was Industrial Design was. When filling out the CAO form I kept changing between it and civil engineering, at the last minute I went up to my uncles house to use the internet because we didn’t have the internet at home (how times have changed), and had resorted to asking my 5 year old brother what I should do. All I knew was since I’d discovered art in secondary school I wanted to do something in Art and Design, I didn’t know what but I wanted to do something. Actually deep down I was more into the art end of things, never really thought of design but I knew that I wouldn’t get a job from Fine Art, not that I was really thinking of a job, I would do anything to delay going out into the working world…lol. One of my mates started the course with me but quit after the first week. I on the other hand was having too much fun to want to quit and go back home, plus I had made the college football team and that was my real reason for being in Sligo. Football and the fact it was the one course that you didn’t need a portfolio. Clueless I may have been but I as my mother says I’m lucky, I fell into design and it has become my passion, I may not have the dream job yet but I’m working on that.

For me this is the main reason I got involved in writing here on Sketchforsketch, I’ve come through the system so to speak, I’ve made every mistake possible and in a weird way probably know a lot more because of that about what is required to get there, I’m not perfect, hell my sketching is probably a lot worse than it was in college and I’ve loads of work to get back to the level required. So I hope that over the next months and years we can inspire you to become the best designer you can be.

The people who create something special—something lasting—aren’t necessarily smarter or funnier or better or more toothsome than you. They simply believed they could do it, and through this belief they didn’t let anything stand in their way. (This quote is taken from Joshua Fields Millburn’s essay titled “16-step guide to get you started on your own masterpiece” which can be found on Josh and his best friend Ryan Nicodemus quit their six figure corporate jobs when they were 30 to follow their passions of writing and helping others and they’ve never been happier. Their website and books have been a great help to me the last few months as I try to figure out where I want to go in life after having a life changing experience which I thought I’d not recover from. I definitely recommend visiting their site and I’m sure you will see a lot of blogs in the next while which have been influenced by their essays.


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