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A foot note in ship design, a change in thought more than tech.


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USS Monitor, was a major change from the sailing ships of the time, the battle of Hampton roads brought in a new era of Ship design the ironclad was born. (Beginning on the modern Battleship which has also gone obsolete). The battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia that ended in a stalemate with neither side being able to inflect damage on the other ship brought the end of sailing (wooden) warship to armour plated hull.

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The Monitor built in amazingly 120 days to combat the threat from the Virginia. The Virginia was a rebuild of the former Steamship USS Merrimack a sailing/steamship, the ships lower hull which was undamaged was raised in to dry-dock so as to

css-virginia-ironclad.gif - 66524

Construct a fully armoured casement structure.

This means that in principle it was more less a floating armoured firing platform rather than an ironclad/battleship.

The Monitor had a unique feature that it had a revolving turret (first of its kind) steam belt powered and a recoil system.

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The hull shape is interesting that it basically wasn’t very efficient (4/5 knots) due to the drag from the hulls design.

monitor-2.png - 330913

Shape on or under the water line, basically a semi-submersible. The advantage would be prot

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    joe regan Friday, 08 June 2012
    monitor in action

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