Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition 2013

    Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition 2013

    Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition 2013

    Empower with Inclusive Design.

    What is it?

    (Taken from their website)
    This year we are challenging you to develop solutions that empower, advance, and include groups often overlooked in the design process (including but not limited to, our rapidly increasing aging population and citizens with disabilities). The form is up to you; consider how tech-savvy people are becoming and what devices, materials, and modes of transportation will stay relevant 20 years from now. Keep in mind what other groups will benefit from the design.
    We know that 1.13 billion people is hard to wrap your head around. So we ask you to think of your mom, your dad, your uncle or aunt, your friend, your kid brother or sister, your grandparents—any of your relations with special needs. And help them live better lives, beautifully!
    Basically the last line says it all, how can we make our loved one’s lives better.
    Its open to all designers, it cost 75 dollars to enter, you can enter 3 submissions either on your own or as part of a team and must be in by 18th February 2013.
    The prize is 10,000 grand but also a great way to make you name as a designer if you win.
    For full details, terms and conditions head over to in case I forgot anything go to Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition 2013.

    As always best of luck to those who enter, and if you are entering, keep us updated on how your project is progressing.

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