Link to download software to learn

    Link to download software to learn

    I'm a Solidworks guy, I use it along with AutoCad as part off my job for designing bottle. Solidworks is a nice software when you get into it, has a nice interface, however I along with many others have noticed lots off issues with cause work to take longer than it should. There is a lot of unease out in the solidworks community about where the software is going...the big announcement is expected in a result many people have moved to other software such as Solidedge and Pro engineer...your probably asking where this is going..well one issue I have with solidworks is this, unless you are in college or have it at work you have no access to it, there's no trial (30 days like adobe or 25 saves like rhino), to me thats a big flaw, i'd love to have a trial copy at home just for trying stuff out instead especially with surfacing.
    Don;t worry I'm getting to my point, There is other companies who do offer trials, as I said rhino have the 25 saves, solidedge have starteda 45 day trail version (I've applied 2 or 3 times but can't get it for some reason so they aren't in my goodd books), however the best offer is from Pro Engineer, or Creo as its now called. Yu can download the full version off the software, no time limit (so it says) the only drawback been you can't save as a file to be used like stepp or IGES, only as its own specific file. However this is a great way to get to learn the new creo. I've downlaoded myself and only got looking at it once. As a solidworks user its not as nice looking or looks as easy to use but I'm sure once I get the hang off it it will be a great thing to have on the CV.
    The link to download is

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    Re: Link to download software to learn

    One for Mr Duffy, you downloaded Creo trial and have gotten to take a look at it, any feedback for the rest off us? How'd you find it? You like it better than say solidworks? Is it eay to learn?

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