Design Dreams....are we mad??

    Design Dreams....are we mad??

    Do you ever feel like just giving up on the Industrial/Product design dream? Many of us left college and ended up in jobs that didn't really relate to what we did in college. Be it graphic design, mould design, engineering, draftsman or nothing even remotely related to design. Open we hold out hope of getting the dream design job or at least getting into a job where we are sketching, making models, coming up with ideas and concepts, and in order to keep that dream alive we spend our time on design websites like Sketchforsketch, looking for tips on how to improve, watching videos on sketching and rendering, buying books, dvd's and all the fancy pencils, sketchpads and markers to practice these renderings, when buying a laptop going for a real expensive one which can run the design programs we have….I'm sure many off you are like that..does there comes a point where you say it's not going to happen or should you keep on holding out…is it possible to have the dream design job in Ireland or really should we be looking to take a big risk and head for America or UK or somewhere else? Anyone else feel like this or anyone got good advice on keeping the faith?

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    Re: Design Dreams....are we mad??

    Its hard to keep the faith, but I think you would be forgiven if you thought about changing direction from time to time, after all your time and your future is precious don’t waste it on idiots and failed nations. Ireland doesn’t exactly appreciate industrial design or design for that matter. It maybe a case of you leaving this state in order to find real design opportunities in other countries, those countries  that are design aware and design conscious and have the ability to implement design and grow their  economies). Waiting around hoping that Irish companies will start employing designers and using design is not the way to go.  Many of these companies reverse engineer (knock off) product that are all ready available or have that  “sure it will be grand” approach to design. If you don’t want  to  leave here your are probably better to start up on your own or with a group of like minded individuals who actually give a shit about design and then go kick some ass.

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