Honours Degree Project

    Honours Degree Project

    Hi all,
    I have just finished my honours degree in Product Design from IT Carlow, we had our exhibition; to which is still running well here is my project from it;

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    Re: Honours Degree Project

    Hi Jonny welcome to  sketchforsketch.

    Congratulations on completing your honours degree. Interesting project you have there, nice solution and presentation too. A lot of ground covered, solution, brand, website, and Brochure. I didn’t realise that diabetics are prone to amputations due to unhealed foot ulcers.   That’s shocking …. How long would the patient need to wear this before fully healed? Do you plan to get a patent or maybe granted?

    If any of your fellow designers or lectures would like post up info on IT Carlow design exhibition that would be cool also.

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    Re: Honours Degree Project

    Cool. As Michael said welcome to sketchforsketch. That was very well put together. Only concern was on the parts with the grey writing on the white background was sometimes hard to see and was gone before I got reading the longer ones, but apart from that very well put together, show's you put a lot off thought and work into your idea. I hope you enjoyed working on it. So have you this video playing as part off your exhibition?
    Whats your plans now that you have graduated? Do you want to go do your master or head straight out to work? Any area you would like to get involved in and would you like to work in Ireland or abroad? What about your class mates, how do they feel about their future as an Industrial Designer in Ireland?

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