Inventor Sir James Dyson applauds Ireland’s approach to R&D

    Inventor Sir James Dyson applauds Ireland’s approach to R&D

    Interesting interview with James Dyson (Yes I know I'm always plugging his can be found here, see what he thinks about design in Ireland Inventor Sir James Dyson applauds Ireland’s approach to R&D

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    Re: Inventor Sir James Dyson applauds Ireland’s approach to R&D

    It ok, plug away….  Ya I pulled a part of that article its where  Dyson talks about Irish entries to the James Dyson Award. I added a link to Jonathan O’Toole website worth a look.

    “We look for a problem-solving invention,” he explains. “Irish entries to the James Dyson Award have always been impressive. In fact, the first-ever winner of the Irish James Dyson Award, Patrick Moloney, is now a senior engineer here at Dyson. And recently, a young designer from Limerick,  Jonathan O’Toole, who entered his paediatric treadmill invention into the James Dyson Award, joined our team of 700 engineers.

    “We have also had a lightweight saddle invention, a hydraulic wheelchair brake and a lightweight ski boot win the Irish James Dyson Award.

    “All of these inventors are in the process of bringing these designs to market, which is testament to the engineering talent in Ireland.

    “Irish inventions have made the top 15 global James Dyson Award shortlist for the past three years in a row. The common factor? They were all designs that solved a problem. That is the award’s brief in a nutshell.”

    Like the late Jobs and as evinced by the recent knighting of Apple’s Jony Ive, industrial design and quality engineering are fashionable again. Dyson says a fluid design is the key.

    “It’s not as simple as brainstorm, sketch, CAD model, prototype, manufacture. Sometimes you’ll spend your time going back and forward between design, prototype and test for a while. Perfectionism and frustration are fundamental to successful inventions. Things don’t work perfectly overnight.

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